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The kids, part one: Meg

Belly rub, anyone?

As evidenced by her pendulous undercarriage, Meg was a total turbo-slut in her early years.  Newly reformed after a brush with death at the animal shelter and a just-in-time rescue by Saint Weezie, she now lives out her days alternating brief forays into reality with naps so epic, you feel compelled to occasionally check her pulse.  Let’s just say that this beagle-basset mix makes Eeyore seem like he’s tweaked out on Ecstasy.

When she does surface, Meg enjoys walks that cover the length of the driveway in an hour or so, poops on the deck and whoring for belly rubs.  Seriously, she’s a really good dog, even if none of us quite “get” her.  Except for Saint Weezie, who seems to share unfettered direct access to this mongrel’s soul.

Meg’s nicknames include: Boober McPhee, Bar, Babs, Barista McPhee, Little Miss Cannelini Beans, Boobar al Muq’fee, Beelzebub-er (Reid’s names) and Beauty, Sweetie, Perfect Dog, Angel, and Love (Weezie’s names).

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