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Weed whacking

Last Tuesday evening, I felt the urge to do something, anything to start to make this house ours.  Often, short and sweet projects are the most satisfying, so I concentrated my energies on a tiny patch of “garden” next to one of the back porches.  It looked like this:

After an hour of chopping, pruning and digging, I managed to tame the vegetative orgy, and the remaining plants were reduced to two: a scraggly rose bush and one lone daylily.  I’m not sure that either of these are right for the spot, but they’ll do for now.  Check out the dead-sexy rubble stone foundation that was hiding behind all those weeds:

I finished up by pushing the dirt around a bit to make sure that there’s positive drainage away from the house.  It won’t make the cover of Country Gardens anytime soon, but baby steps, right?

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