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Arboreal angst

During last weeks test-run for monsoon season, a tree fell near the corner of our property.  That near is important.  I found the following upon arrival at the scene:

See that bundle of pink tape in the foreground of the photo?  That’s our property corner.  The tree in question, running horizontally across the top of the photo, never has been and never will be on our property.  Everything beyond the corner marker is in the street right-of-way.  Unfortunately, our street is maintained by the state, meaning we’re dealing with DOT to try to arrange removal.  They have no particular incentive to remove the tree quickly since it’s not impeding traffic.  We, however, are trying to preserve neighborly harmony, despite the fact that this really isn’t our problem.  Yes, the tree happens to fall on our side of the line, but the line hangs a hard left and heads east before getting to that tree.  Summary: it ain’t ours!

Nevertheless, I have a sneaking suspicion that due to stereotypical government-style bureaucracy, we’re going to end up cleaning up a tree that’s not on our property that fell into a yard that’s not ours either.


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