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Got a light?

Our painter won’t start until next week due to weather delays and anticipates being on site for 4-6 weeks (so THAT’S where all that money’s going…).  So even though we won’t have a new paint job until early December, it’s hard not to look forward to a few post-paint projects that will help the exterior of the house shine.

One of those projects is the installation of a new light at the front porch.  The existing fixture is a builder’s special that isn’t special at all.  It’s undersized, throws a harsh light and is generally unremarkable:

To my mind, the size and configuration of the porch demands a hanging lantern that will cast an inviting glow on this quintessentially southern space.  Something traditional, timeless and tasteful.  Here are six options that I’ve dredged up from around he interwebs.  All are relatively affordable, built of durable materials, appropriately sized, and good-lookin’.

We’ve decided on our favorite, but I’m interested to know what everyone else thinks.

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  1. Mom #

    I can’t get to the poll results, but my vote goes to number one….it’s simple and elegant and looks the most like a “historically appropriate” choice.

    October 23, 2012


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