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Before tour: the kitchen

If there was an interior decorating style called “50’s country”, our kitchen would be a leading exemplar of the type.  Brick pattern linoleum floors, wormy-wood cabinets with wrought-iron strap hinges, and ye olde appliances leave us yearning for the kitchen we left behind.

The large beams at the ceiling seem to indicate that this room was once a separate structure, with a roof of its own.  This was typical in the American South, and was done to keep extra heat out of the house.  With “help” to do the cooking, the inconvenience of a detached kitchen was easy to overlook.

Despite its fascinating past, the kitchen’s present condition leaves a bit to be desired.  It’s also down a set of steps, so it’s not entirely convenient for 2 a.m. kitchen raids.  To remedy this situation (hardcore preservationists, cover your ears), we intend to build a new kitchen in the current dining room, on the main level of the house.  Since the kitchen is the room closest to the driveway and serves as the main daily entry and exit point for us, we think it has a fine future as a mudroom.


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